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Are you an international professional, leader, manager or team? Are you looking for a skilled thinking partner and critical friend to energise and stimulate some bold, original thinking, fresh ideas and solutions for your dilemmas and challenges?

Do you need inspiration and support as you collaborate across differences and borders, make sense of things, drive change and manage uncertainty, perhaps also re-think your purpose and vision, while building your resilience and flexibility?

Through executive, business and personal coaching, as well as team coaching and workshops, I nurture individual and organisational growth and development, transformational change and greater effectiveness. I foster global cooperation and solidarity, wisdom and vitality, and leadership that is relational, empowering and humble.

I encourage clients to make a bigger contribution to their international organisations – whether corporate, small business or NGO – and to society at large. In progressing towards their goals and ambitions, clients become more insightful and self-aware, independent-minded and open-hearted, curious and questioning, creatively resourceful, and more balanced, healthy and fulfilled in their work and lives.

Drawing on direct entrepreneurial experience and 30 years’ international experience of living and working in 5 different countries, I bring to my work multiple perspectives and cultural agility, rigorous coach  training and advanced qualifications, and an adaptive, customised and principle-led approach.

The Story of Structure & Flow

Structure & Flow has evolved on its international journey to Germany, having originally been founded in Barcelona, Spain, as Interact Executive Coaching & Training in 2003. Via China and Asia, a set of values has emerged that guides the work I do and that includes fostering human connection, balance and well-being.

Embracing paradoxical thinking, Structure & Flow is about the inherent order and fluidity of living systems and their capacity to keep learning and adapting. The name combines the norms and ideas of different cultures and ways of being, doing and thinking in the world. This means working in a way that might be more structured or more emergent – or both – blending qualities of both “structure” and “flow” in ways that reinforce each other.

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The more we cling to past practices, the more we deepen the crisis and prevent solutions“. Margaret Wheatley

In addition to the main services mentioned below, I also offer several consultancy services that draw on my 30 years’ international work experience as well as knowledge and skills in the field of learning and leadership development. These services take into account a client’s broader context and organisational strategy, learning objectives and desired outcomes, and individual learning style and personality, among other factors. They may include the following:

  • Advising on effective collective and individual learning and development solutions
  • Creating, developing and evaluating innovative facilitation and training programmes and workshops
  • Setting up, coordinating and evaluating successful mentoring and coaching programmes.

In order to serve and support my clients as well as I can, I have available a wide, international referral network of professionals who specialise in related services within the realm of HR and OD, from diversity and change management, to organisational design and psychotherapy.

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One-to-one Coaching

Through executive, business and personal coaching, I offer individual professionals, leaders and managers the high support and challenge they need to become even more effective, resilient and fulfilled in their work and lives. I work with a range of organisation – including corporates, small businesses and NGOs – as well as on a private basis.

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Team Coaching

A challenging and searching development tool, team coaching can make a real difference to the cohesion, resilience and collective performance of leadership, management, project and start-up teams. It enables colleagues to engage in a rigorous, collaborative process over time, and to come together, pooling their resources, experience and knowledge, to identify and work through real business issues and goals. The outcome is deep learning and sustainable change.

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Development Workshops

Structure & Flow workshops are engaging, practical and dynamic, balancing input and inspiring content with space for shared dialogue, group work, individual reflection, and action-planning for change. Critical for learning is that I create a safe yet challenging environment based on trust, respect and openness, in which people can express themselves freely, think well, experiment and give feedback. Continue reading “Development Workshops”

Action Learning

Supporting organisational development and change, Action Learning helps peer groups to face complex challenges and work successfully together towards finding new practical solutions. Proven to be a highly effective approach to leadership development – both collective and individual, AL is a fully engaging and experiential problem-solving process, fostering collaboration and communication skills, learning agility and independent thinking. Continue reading “Action Learning”


Mentoring is a way of nurturing and helping someone to navigate a major transition successfully. Together with a mentor who understands your situation, who supports you as an independent thinking partner, you get the safe space and high trust relationship you need to reflect, plan and explore your issues, so gaining insights and self-awareness and finding the solutions for your goals and challenges. Continue reading “Mentoring”


During the 30 years that I’ve been working internationally in the field of learning, communication, and leadership development, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with a wide range of client organisation, from global corporations to family businesses and newly-formed start-up enterprises.

I have broad and extensive cross-sector experience that includes manufacturing, IT, healthcare, advertising and retail. My individual clients, from many different cultures and backgrounds, have included senior executives, aspiring leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals. Additionally, in partnership with my team-associates, I have supported various international, leadership, project and start-up teams.

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As an independent freelance consultant, I sometimes collaborate with dedicated, certified associates from my international network. Most of them, like me, draw on first-hand experience of having lived and worked internationally, speak several foreign languages and have a broad, cross-cultural perspective. Above all, they bring a creative, growth mindset to our work, as well as commitment to professional excellence and ethical practice.

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Welcome to the Structure & Flow blog!

The 6 Team Conditions

Models with numbers are often good mnemonics, from Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Well, last week I was introduced to Dr Ruth Wageman’s 6 Conditions framework that underpin and drive team effectiveness. Who’s Ruth Wageman?, you ask. She’s an American scholar and professor (Columbia, Harvard et al.), …