Team Coaching

A challenging and searching development tool, team coaching can make a real difference to the cohesion, resilience and collective performance of leadership, management, project and start-up teams. It enables colleagues to engage in a rigorous, collaborative process over time, and to come together, pooling their resources, experience and knowledge, to identify and work through real business issues and goals. The outcome is deep learning and sustainable change.

Supported, challenged and facilitated by myself, a qualified and experienced International Systemic Team Coach, perhaps together with a team-associate, the team gets more aligned on its shared vision of “success”, its purpose, direction and values, as well as the roles and responsibilities of its members, while also addressing issues of team dynamics, processes and practices. Leveraging the team’s creativity and diversity, while building trust and understanding, the team evolves so it’s better able to drive change and innovation, and to implement shared outcomes from the coaching work.

A systemic and relational approach means examining where and how the team can make a positive impact within its wider context, exploring relationships, influence, and the needs and expectations of stakeholders. It incorporates a clear, theoretical framework and a structured programme that might include whole team coaching sessions, one-to-one coaching, observation of team meetings, and interviews.