One-to-one Coaching

Through executive, business and personal coaching, I offer individual professionals, leaders and managers the high support and challenge they need to become even more effective, resilient and fulfilled in their work and lives. I work with a range of organisation – including corporates, small businesses and NGOs – as well as on a private basis.

My powerful, practical and flexible approach provides my clients with the space, time and opportunity to think in new ways about their work and life issues, dilemmas and opportunities. As a result, they gain insight, greater awareness and deeper understanding of themselves and their context. Making better sense of things, they produce fresh ideas and new solutions, and make wiser decisions.

As a skilled thinking partner, I listen attentively, ask searching questions, and provide open, honest feedback, encouraging and energising clients to do their best thinking, take bold, purposeful action, and drive change. In progressing toward their goals and ambitions, clients often become more creatively resourceful, courageous, self-confident and authentic.

Focus areas for development and change may include:

  • Transformational leadership, managing complex change and uncertainty, major transitions and reinvention
  • Collaboration across differences and cultures, building strong relationships and trust, motivating and inspiring oneself and others, and emotional skills
  • Building personal and collective identity – clarifying purpose, vision and future direction and identifying core values, strengths and limitations
  • Developing self-awareness, personal effectiveness, resilience and well-being
  • Personal dilemmas and professional challenges commonly faced by international individuals and expats.

If you think you might be ready to embark on a disciplined, creative and collaborative process, committed to sessions that might be in person, by phone or video, or a mix, I’d be happy to set up a free confidential conversation to think about your situation and how coaching can help.