Action Learning

Supporting organisational development and change, Action Learning helps peer groups to face complex challenges and work successfully together towards finding new practical solutions. Proven to be a highly effective approach to leadership development – both collective and individual, AL is a fully engaging and experiential problem-solving process, fostering collaboration and communication skills, learning agility and independent thinking. AL provides the group or team with the reflective space and opportunity to build strong, supportive work relationships as participants mentor each other as they explore real – often urgent – issues. They do this through questioning, listening, analysing, generating fresh ideas, evaluating approaches, and implementing their learning beyond the session by taking action. Various leadership competences are developed, from strategic thinking and planning, to influencing, building trust and giving feedback.

As a trained and qualified AL Facilitator, I guide the group process as well as create and sustain a safe learning atmosphere, in which participants can question assumptions and beliefs, and address strengths and weaknesses. A group of 4-8 people meet for regular sessions over a 4-6 month period, with the process being periodically reviewed for ways of improvement.

Action Learning is based on the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught”. Reg Revans, founder of AL