Mentoring is a way of nurturing and helping someone to navigate a major transition successfully. Together with a mentor who understands your situation, who supports you as an independent thinking partner, you get the safe space and high trust relationship you need to reflect, plan and explore your issues, so gaining insights and self-awareness and finding the solutions for your goals and challenges.

Following a structured, collaborative process and regular meetings, as your mentor, I listen with empathy, challenge any assumptions, and share my knowledge, experience, lessons learned, suggestions and common pitfalls that may help you on your journey – all with the purpose of fostering your growth and capacity to learn well. As mentor, I focus on three specific groups of professionals:

  • Global Cosmopolitans
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Women

Having 30 years’ experience of living and working in different countries, I enable Global Cosmopolitans to deal effectively with issues common for international assignments – managing complex change, personal or business re-invention, integration and adaptation, cross-cultural challenges, building high resilience, relationships and networks.

With first-hand experience of setting up and managing my own company in a foreign country, I also support entrepreneurs with their challenges – leveraging resources and connections, developing skills in communication and personal effectiveness, managing energy, time and priorities, and coping well with uncertainty and new growth.

In addition, I help young women to progress both personally and professionally, supporting them to get to where they want to go and who they want to become. Issues they may face include: developing their career in a male-dominated business context and building skills in self-assertion, negotiating and influencing.