As an independent freelance consultant, I sometimes collaborate with dedicated, certified associates from my international network. Most of them, like me, draw on first-hand experience of having lived and worked internationally, speak several foreign languages and have a broad, cross-cultural perspective. Above all, they bring a creative, growth mindset to our work, as well as commitment to professional excellence and ethical practice.

Judith Martin

Judith Martin Executive Coach

Through my work, I hope to foster human connection, spirit and positive energy, including leadership at all levels of an organisation that is empowering collaborative and humble. For this, I help  professionals to communicate and build strong relalationships based on trust, respect and empathy. I’m passionate about learning in supportive yet challenging spaces, where we can all reflect and think well, open up and express ourselves freely, contribute and come up with solutions for our challenges.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve lived and worked in five different countries – the UK, Czechoslovakia (as it then was), Spain, China and Germany. During this wonderfully rich – though occasionally very challenging – journey, I’ve become a British-German citizen with a somewhat insider-outsider, local-global perspective. I’ve learned how interdependent we are and how much we need to work together across our differences and borders – as well as contribute locally to build resilient groups and communities.

During these three decades in the field of learning, leadership and development, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a broad mix of client organisation, including multinationals, family enterprises and leading business schools, as well as in various industrial sectors, from manufacturing and IT, to advertising, healthcare and retail. My individual clients have come from many different cultures and backgrounds – and mostly choose to work in English, though I also speak German, Spanish and a few other languages.

From the Academy of Executive Coaching in the UK, (“executive” here meaning “management” more generally), I gained an ICF-accredited Intermediate Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (ACC level) in 2008, and an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (PCC level) in 2014. Besides these, I hold certifications in Systemic Team Coaching, Action Learning, intercultural training, an MA in Adult Learning, and several teaching qualifications. Other points about me: my first career was in the book industry; I am based in central Munich; and my enthusiasms include walking in nature, swimming, reading, writing and local volunteering.