The Story of Structure & Flow

Structure & Flow has evolved on its international journey to Germany, having originally been founded in Barcelona, Spain, as Interact Executive Coaching & Training in 2003. Via China and Asia, a set of values has emerged that guides the work I do and that includes fostering human connection, balance and well-being.

Embracing paradoxical thinking, Structure & Flow is about the inherent order and fluidity of living systems and their capacity to keep learning and adapting. The name combines the norms and ideas of different cultures and ways of being, doing and thinking in the world. This means working in a way that might be more structured or more emergent – or both – blending qualities of both “structure” and “flow” in ways that reinforce each other.

Structure stands for setting clear objectives, parameters and direction, for good organisation, contracting and preparation, for frameworks and processes, and for discipline, perseverance and accountability. It’s about the structures and practices that build ownership, that offer the space to think well, and that invite people to step up.

Flow, on the other hand, stands for creativity, flexibility, playful exploration and joy, for trying things out and sharing knowledge, information and ideas. Working and living in flow is about our being fully involved in purposeful activities that achieve our goals, as much as it is about our spontaneous response to what is emerging.

How I work

My work is underpinned by a guiding set of principles and an approach that is client-oriented, adaptive and practical. It is also rigorous and evidence-based, informed by theory and best practice in coaching, leadership, organisation and team development, as well as various learning and change processes. Multiple disciplines, including psychology, science, philosophy and mindfulness, also inform and inspire my work.

Additionally, I adhere to the 5 principles of Blueprint for Business that you can see at These emphasise good relationships and citizenship, inclusion and diversity, freedom and accountability, and long-term sustainability.

My guiding principles

Delivering positive outcomes

Transforming learning and growth into purposeful action and results.

Building strong relationships

Collaborative partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and equality.

Supportive & challenging reflective space

Providing space, time and opportunity for inspired thinking and dialogue.

Global mindset & systems thinking

Seeing the bigger picture, context, culture and interconnections.

Professional dedication & ethics

Honouring high standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical practice.